ORS offers global spatial services by utilizing user-generated and collaboratively collected free geographic data from OpenStreetMap. The API comprises a geocoding, directions, locations and isochrones endpoint allowing you to consume its results in your applications.

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ORS directions is a routing service with global coverage which allows you to tailor your routes for your needs. Amongst many profiles it offers driving, walking and cycling modes and additionally gives you the possibility to enrich your routing requests with customizable parameters.


Reachability has become a crucial component for many businesses from different domains. The ORS isochrones service lets you determine areas which objects are able reach in given times or distances. You can specify the mode of transportation, such as driving, cycling or walking.


ORS locations helps you find places of interest around or within given locations. You may either search for a single or list of POI types around a point, path or even within a given polygon and consume the rich meta information returned by the service for your needs.